Guys I live in the Chicago Suburbs.   I’ve been working from home for the past week because my kids are basically intermittent fasting school right now… go 1 day, stay home 2, go 1 day, stay home 2.   I feel like today we got initiated into Chicago life.

Let me paint this picture for you….

Polar Vortex = 1
Snyder Master bathroom pipe = 0

Me: {{in the living room working away with my headphones in}}

Twins {{upstairs quietly watching tv in our bedroom}}

Braylon appears out of nowhere screaming frantically, and I quote: “the floor is exploding and there’s water everywhere!!!” “Mommy we’re all going to die!!!!” <— he’s a bit over dramatic, no idea where he gets that from 😏

I jump up to run upstairs, forgetting to take out my headphones and thus yanking myself backwards pulling my entire body weight entangled in wires onto the floor, in the most graceful way possible of course.

Got untangled and now in a bit of a panic myself because now both boys are running back and forth screaming and crying because our house is forsure going to spontaneously combust at any moment.

I get upstairs to evaluate the situation. There is, in fact, an EXPLOSIVE waterfall coming our from under the floorboard of the middle section of drawers in the bathroom. Not either side. Not a pipe. The motherflippin’ floor people! No hole. How do you even access that?!

Told one kid to run get as many towels as he could to shove against the water and the other to run to the kitchen and fill as many cups as he could with water while I ran down and turned off all the water to the house. Albeit they still think we’re going to die.

Now we’re not only housebound. But housebound with restless children, no running water and about 10 cups of water 😂🙌🏼

Thanks to a panicked, crisis-induced call to my husband, Plumber will be coming tonight.


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