Truth Bomb. Wait for it…

Truth bomb.  Wait for it….

You will never be organized enough, prepared enough, strong enough, presentable enough, pretty enough, successful enough… but you know what you always will be?  ENOUGH.

I am a self proclaimed perfectionist.   I strive to be the absolute best at everything I do.   To a fault.   When I am not performing at 110% (yes I’m aware this is physically impossible) in every aspect of my life, I feel as though I’m failing.   When in reality, I’m not failing.

So what am I doing?   I’m multitasking in a workthroughthecrazy stage of life raising 3 little boys in the prime of what can only be described as the ew phase, a demanding full time job that I absolutely love but is time consuming and hard to ever shut off because I put my heart and soul into my career, a husband of nearly 12 years who needs me to be a wife sometimes and not just a working mom, a house and all the crap that comes along with that, a puppy who thinks she runs the world and uses my shoes as a midday snack most days, a subpar workout and self care routine because I am a woman and I like to live a healthy lifestyle… you name it.

Am I perfect at all these things?  No.   Does that drive me crazy?  Yes.  But guess what…that’s life.   I am enough.   I am surviving this unbelievably difficult stage in life and would like to think I’m doing a good job.   I will never be the best at everything.   I just won’t.   You will never be the best at everything either.   I struggle with this daily.   But I’ve learned to count my successes instead of my failures.   I strive to always bring a smile and positivity to every situation even when it would be easy to fall apart.  So to all you other overcommitted, overstressed self proclaimed perfectionists out there… today’s message is this:  you are enough.    Sleep soundly tonight knowing that.

Also… no matter what else is happening in life – these 3 will aways help me find my “enough….”


Love & Hugs

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