From 10,000 Feet


From 10,000 Feet.

Someone I know uses this phrase often. The 10,000 foot view. The big picture. The high level perspective. It’s used most often in work settings when you shift your focus from the day to day detail and focus on the overall goals and initiatives of a company. The Birdseye look.

But today, today I saw YOU from 10,000 feet. As we were out looking for birds in the rain I stepped back and I saw you. Much like the focus on my camera, I became laser focused on you as the background faded away. Not the day to day of watching you grow. I saw you from 10,000 feet.

I saw my baby who cried for the first 6 months of his life with colic and reflux…who only wanted to be held, nursed, and comforted by his mama. I saw my toddler who struggled to speak and voice his emotions because he didn’t function exactly the same as other kids his age were “supposed to.” The toddler who relied on his twin brother to speak for him because he couldn’t pull his words together just yet. I saw my preschooler who was slightly socially different than many of the other kids who often got frustrated because his teachers didn’t always understand his high flux of emotion. I saw my little boy who found his footing as he entered elementary school and started to blossom in a way we never saw coming. My boy who is exceptionally good at reading, remembering details and anything involving numbers. My boy who is so athletically gifted he thrives in every sport he has ever tried and makes me wonder which one he’ll enjoy most, because he is destined for greatness. I saw my almost 8 year old with a take charge attitude who always wants to win and is meant to be a leader. I saw my beautiful son with his hand in his pocket nonchalantly looking out into the distance.

Braylon Cole… you are a marvel to me. You are special and unique and have never cared what anyone thinks of you. I have always known it. I have always believed it.

Today I saw you from 10,000 feet. And what I saw was spectacular.

3.24.19. Take the time to see your children from 10,000 feet. You won’t be disappointed.

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