Motivation Level = 100

Brace yourself for this true story.

The twins have a book fair happening at school this week. They each made a wish list and brought it home yesterday. Braylon chose 2 books that were $6/each. I told him he would need $12. He only has $10 saved. He let it go. Conversation casually ended.

{{Fast forward to today}}

Braylon came home with a missing front tooth.

*Important Note* he DID NOT have a loose tooth prior to today

Me: “Bray, what in the world happened to your tooth?”

Bray: “Oh I ripped it out at school today” (as casually as anyone has ever said a sentence)

Me: “You what?!”

Bray: “I was bored so I ripped it out. There was a lot of blood”


Bray: “Do you think the tooth fairy might bring $2 instead of $1? …. just asking”


Now please take note to the fact that I was fully planning to send $20 with each of them to pick out books. But he literally took it upon himself to yank out his non-loose tooth thinking he could get $2 for it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… this kid is going places 😂🦷💰

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