Dear Nancy in the Blue Lexus

Dear Nancy in the Blue Lexus,

Yes I saw the light turn green. Ya know what else I saw? I saw my 3 year old drop his sippy cup on the floor ensuing what could only be described as a level 10 emergency. I saw him demanding I “turn off the sun” to get it out of his face. I saw him screaming bloody murder and telling me to listen to him because “he’s the boss!” So yes, Nancy, I saw the light turn green. I saw your middle finger fly up at me as you zoomed past because I took .02 seconds to turn around and scold my irrational losing-his-mind toddler before I moved forward. My 1st graders saw that finger too… thanks for that. Here’s a piece of advice for today: chill. Find something to make you smile. Don’t live your life so angry. You’ll thank me someday.



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