Stop it.

Don’t stress

I whisper to myself as I deep condition my hair while sitting on the countertop looking at unwashed dishes

Don’t overthink

I gently remind myself as I wait for my noodles to cook at 8:47pm to feed myself dinner because I forgot to eat today

Don’t compare

I kindly reaffirm myself as I listen to my boys still chattering and bickering in their beds when they should have been sleeping an hour ago

Don’t be anxious

I will to myself as I sort through the 20345 checklists I didn’t accomplish today

Don’t judge

I say quietly under my breath as I try to remember the last time I got a good hard workout in or took time to read a book and smell the pages

Just breathe

Remember you are only one person. Your checklist got smaller today. You finished 2 projects. You took all the calls, and returned the others. You made someone smile. And another person laugh. You made it to the baseball game… barely, but you made it. You saw your sons look back at you and smile when they got back to back hits (it’s coach pitch, this is a big deal in their world). You put the laundry away. 3 days after you washed it, but you put it away. You ran the dishwasher. You didn’t unload it, but you ran it. You washed your face.

Stop being anxious for no reason and go enjoy your noodles. You deserve the carbs. And ps… eat a cookie if you want to. You earned that too.

Stop it. Be proud of yourself.

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