Life is savage. Choose happy.

So many things did not go right today.

Literally. So. Many. Things.

We dropped my husband off for a 4 day trip to Texas so I’m parenting solo. All 3 kids lost their minds the second he got out of the car. And not just ‘oh daddy’s leaving so we’re going to sort-of get cranky’. No we’re talking the kind of triple meltdown that makes you want to hold your breath until it’s over in hopes that you might pass out and miss the worst of it. They were immediately dyingofthirst, the wrong movie was on the DVD player (yes the built in DVD player…rough life kids), Landon was mad because the blue car beside us wasn’t red and the twins got into a completely necessary screaming match over who could read the billboards faster and better. On top of that O’Hare airport traffic tried to break my soul. And I mean actually slice it in half. People are savage.

But we made it home.

Nobody died.

It’s 9:55pm. I’m still in my work clothes and shoes. All my kids are asleep.

It’s a gorgeous night.

And I’m sitting on my deck smiling. Why?

Because I choose happy. That’s why.

Single parents- you are freakin rock stars. Trying to manage working full time, travel, kid transportation and extracurriculars while keeping everyone cleanish, fed and not killing each other is no joke.

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