He straight called us out.

Ever have one of those parenting moments when your kid makes you feel about 2 inches tall?

This weekend while headed to the movies with our boys, Braylon said unprompted from the backseat:

“Guys I really don’t think we should be taking our own candy into the theater. It’s like we’re sneaking it in and I don’t think it’s right…”

My husband and I simultaneously fumbling over our answer while quietly belly laughing :

“We, uhhh…errrr… I mean… we paid for it at the store and ummm….it’s uhhhh… we’re paying for the tickets to the movie and buying drinks and popcorn so I ummm….ehhhh…. 👈🏼 you get the point.

Thanks for keeping us honest Bray 😂👏🏼

So yeah, anyone looking for parenting advice, clearly we’re on top of things over here 😆🙌🏼💥

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