To my baby on your 4th Birthday…

Landon is 4To my baby boy on your 4thBirthday,

You have added more joy and laughter to my life than I can even put into words.   You brought the missing piece to my life I didn’t even know I needed.   The final puzzle piece that completed our beautiful family.    You will always and forever be our “bonus baby.”

When I found out I was pregnant with you, I was terrified.   We already had twin 3 year old boys we had gone through every fertility treatment in the world for over 4 years to be blessed with and then you… you surprised us.   I’m a planner.   I like to know how and why and when and where.   You were unexpected and I was unprepared for the unknown.    Little did I know the fulfilment you would add to my world.   My littlest person, my best friend, my partner in crime.   You, Landon Cade, you have completed my world.

You are the perfect combination of your daddy and me.    Your ornery nature and unpredictable personality is perfectly congruent with the way you came into this world.     You are so wonderfully entertaining and love to make people laugh.   You thrive off the reactions of others.  You have the ability to immediately shift the energy in any room.  You love your big brothers and are determined to do everything they do.  Only bigger, and faster, and louder and with more zest.

You love yogurt, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, pickles and all things chocolate and candy.   You can already write your name, sing the alphabet forwards and backwards, and remember all the lyrics to every Twenty One Pilots and Taylor Swift song you’ve ever heard (thanks daddy).   You could play trucks, turtles, power rangers and superheroes for hours and know the backstory to every Avengers character ever created.     You are wise far beyond your years and remember everything.   Literally….all the things.    You can repeat something verbatim you heard 3 months ago in passing at the supermarket or when mommy accidentally stepped on one of your Legos you left on the stairs and used a grown up word.  You always remember that.

You have the innate ability to convince people to do anything you want them to do and accomplish anything you set your mind to.     It’s a rare gift and it will take you far in life.    I have no doubt you will be successful because you were meant to do incredible things.

As I say goodbye to my toddler and hello to my beautiful little preschooler, I will embrace your request for “one more story,” “one more song,” and telling me “one more very important thing” as you show up beside my side of the bed for the 456thtime because I know any day could be the last.    Give me all the cuddles before you become too cool for them.

I love you more than the sun, more than the moon and more than all the stars in the sky.    No matter how big you get, no matter how old you grow, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.

Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle sweet boy.   You are going to change the world.


(Your birthday is actually Monday but you’ll be out of town so today, today we celebrate YOU my sweet boy!)

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