$202 in School supplies!? Yep… with a smile and a thank you.

Amazon Order Total = $202.65
Free Prime 1-Day Delivery = Convenient
Two 2nd Graders school supply shopping = Done

…ask me how much I’ll complain about paying over $200 in school supplies… I’ll wait…

Right. Never. Not once. You will never hear me complain about purchasing school supplies for my children. Ever. Wanna know why?

I buy those supplies in the comfort of my home, with the click of a mouse, and have them shipped directly to my home the next day. I make that purchase ONE TIME in the course of an entire school year. ONCE.

Teachers… teachers make purchases 10x that amount to begin the school year out of their own pockets. They then continue to purchase supplies throughout the year, sometimes every week, to ensure our children receive the best experiences possible to enhance their education.

You know what else teachers do? They buy the extras. The stickers and books and posters and smiley faces and decorations. They buy the goody bags and pretty baskets and organizational tools. They do all that and then some because they go above and beyond for our children. For your children. Every. Single. Day.

So no, you will not hear me complain about purchasing school supplies. Instead, I’ll throw in a few extras for the classroom that weren’t on the list and continue to do that throughout the year. Because that’s the least I can do.

I’m a working parent. And I can never express my gratitude for the amount of time, energy, heartfelt compassion and personal finances from the people teaching and loving on my children day in and day out.

Do yourself a favor. If you catch yourself starting to complain about the amount school supplies cost… stop it. Be thankful for the person who makes his/her classroom look like a virtual wonderland for your kids.

*This post is dedicated to my sister, both of my brothers’ wives and my best friend who are part of the special group of humans we call teachers. I see you and I am thankful for you.


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