My warrior freakin’ princess battle scars

My stretch marks are part of my story.   And I love my freakin’ story!

Stretch Marks.  Tiger Stripes.  Battle Scars.    Whatever you call them mama, they are part of your story.   And you are a freakin’ warrior!  Your body did impossible things.   It morphed beyond it’s means to create life.   Stop and think about that for a second.   It MORPHED in Superhero, Xena Warrior Princess, Pink Power Ranger fashion and that….that is amazing.   YOU are amazing.

There is this stigma behind finding the best creams, fillers, lotions, and everything else under the sun to remove or diminish these marks.   But why?   Why would I want to remove the marks on my body that remind me that I’m a freakin’ superhero?!    You guys… run your fingers across those indents and remember what your body did.  And why it did it.


I love my stretch marks.  My mama bear scratch marks in my skin.  They cover both sides and the bottom of my belly.    And, full transparency, they’re also sprinkled all across my milk-makers that grew 8x their normal size with both pregnancies. These marks are the remnants of the pregnancies that gave me my babies.    Sometimes they’re more predominant and noticeable than others, but no matter what… they’re always there.

Stretch marks, saggy skin, shifted muscles, girls let’s be honest.. our bodies have seen some things.    But more importantly, our bodies have given us the most amazing things.   Rock those imperfections with pride girl!   You are a freakin’ warrior.   Love those battle scars.

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