To all New Moms of Multiples… You WILL survive this.

Dear new moms of twins and multiples,

Read this carefully (in your 42 seconds of free time between rotating your children amongst the 14 seats, bouncers and toys to stop the crying). You will survive this. You will find your footing. You will get to sleep again. It does get more manageable. You will find you again. And your babies will thrive.

Your life will not always revolve around coordinating feeding and nap schedules, taking walks with your giant double stroller to maintain your sanity, leaving parties and get togethers early with your 27 bags that you’ve packed your entire life in to survive the outing. Hand washing 96 pieces of 345 bottles every day will not last forever. If you’re tandem nursing, God bless you… you will not always feel like a milk cow I promise. Diapers will not always be the bane of your existence. You will not always look at moms of singletons and think how easy that must be. It’s not easy for any new mom. You have more than one small person to raise at exactly the same time and you… you are superhuman. Don’t you ever forget that.

Those first 12 months will be a blur. The next 12 will be a whirlwind because now they’re mobile and you’ll feel as though you’ve lost all control and are herding sheep. You won’t remember the details. But you will look back at pictures and pieces of clothing or toys and remember the emotions.

To the moms of multiples, you are doing something that is impossible. But you’re doing it. And you are killing it. You will survive this. And sooner than you realize, you will be eternally grateful your little one has a built in best friend.


Mom of 8 year old twins (stage 2 in life)

One thought on “To all New Moms of Multiples… You WILL survive this.

  1. Thank you for THIS! you just wrote all my emotions lol
    Thank you from a mom of 3…of twin girls and a 3 old girl 💋🍼🍼😳

    Liked by 1 person

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